Why You Should Study Proverbs

Wisdom in ProverbsIn a Christian world that has increasingly appreciated the necessity of seeing Christ at the center of all of life, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to fit the book of Proverbs. It can come off like a collection of Confucius-like sayings or moralistic advice.

So why should you study Proverbs?

Because life is hard.
Life is hard for everyone. Even when you know Jesus, there’s a challenge to living well in this world that can’t be captured in a few words. Christ is sufficient, but God graciously gives a Word that covers many nuanced topics––so many, in fact, that God’s Word is sufficient for all of life and godliness.

Because you need wisdom.
“Wisdom” may bring to mind a wizened older man sagely stroking his chin. Or a grandmotherly woman, seasoned by life and experience, rocking in a chair and dispensing good advice. But wisdom is a multi-faceted concept that defies a quick summary or an easy caricature. It’s more like an intuitive mechanical knowledge than a step-by-step owner’s manual.

To put it as simply as possible, wisdom is the skill of living well. It’s the ability to rise to any challenge and face it with Spirit-given skill. You might call it Spirit-empowered common sense.

Because all Scripture is good.
All Scripture is good and given to us for our benefit. So you won’t find a simple, one-size-fits-all solution for every problem, but as you dig into Proverbs, you can pray and ask God to give you the skill to live life well in a fallen world—that is, living with wisdom.

To dig a little deeper, you could start here.


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