Transition to Morning Star Church

The last several months have been months of transition for us, as we have prayed about clear direction on next steps in life and ministry. We praise God for His kind hand in leading us to Morning Star Church in Rockford, IL. We look forward to serving them. Our transition period will be a couple of months, and we’d greatly appreciate your prayers for us and for the church. 

Here’s a letter we wrote to the church this week:

Dear Brothers & Sisters at Morning Star,

Thank you for your prayers and for the time you dedicated to getting to know us and letting us get to know you. We are excited to accept your call to serve as the next lead/teaching pastor of your body. We have sought God’s face in this decision along with you, and we have clearly seen His hand leading us to Morning Star Church.

As you can imagine, this was not an easy decision, as it means leaving people that we know well and love deeply. The good thing about the pain of saying goodbye is that it means we have loved and been loved. And we have also felt the Lord placing a deep love in our hearts for you. We have seen the Lord calling us to love and shepherd the church of God at Morning Star … that’s the joy before us.

One of our draws to Morning Star is the need of our hearts to receive care, as well as give it. We feel that Morning Star is a place where that will be true … where we will be built up in love because of the body of Christ around us. So, God is calling us to a place, but we feel most strongly His call to a people … to you. We love you. I love you and want to be your shepherd.

More than any other factor, God used the knitting of our hearts to the people who are Morning Star Church to draw us here. We are excited to get here and excited to know you better. I pray that God makes me a faithful shepherd who loves, leads, and serves the sheep, and I beg your prayers in my behalf and in behalf of my family.

The next several weeks will be emotional ones, as we leave dear friends and family. But we are excited to follow the Lord and excited to love and be loved by the body of Christ at Morning Star.

See you soon.

Grace to you, my brothers and sisters.

Joshua (for Liz too)



  1. Excellent, brother. I still remember seeing you sing in your Jr High vocal competition back in the day. My, has God done a lot in you over the years. I am excited to rejoice in grace displayed in your life. I praise God with you and will be in prayer for you. Grace.

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