How to respond to confrontation

What are some steps you should take when confronted with a sin or other concern?

  • Go through the exercise of facing up to each area of concern and looking for the truth in it.
  • Own up to your sin.
  • Work on a list of people whom you have sinned against, without yet making it right. Ask others for input.
  • Go to each person wronged individually and repent without making excuses or defense.
  • Let others know what God is doing in your life, asking for accountability. Let them know that you are working through the process of repentance and restoration.
  • Invite others to speak into your life about concerns or ” blind spots.”
  • Repent of any other sin that comes to mind, using words like, “I'm sorry; I sinned by doing ____; will you forgive me?”
  • Believe that your most important relationship is relationship with your heavenly Father. Your position in Christ makes you a child of God, loved by God. The most important factor in play is your perseverance in the faith as a child of God.

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