A floating axe head??? (part 3)

What difference does 2 Kings 6:1-7 make for us today?

We can learn that we should trust in God's sovereign care for His people, even at the darkest times.

God's sovereignty over all circumstances

When we are tempted to believe that God is not God, that we are God, we must remember that He is in control. So what if a candidate you don't like gets elected president? Don't get me wrong, I'm not fatalistic, and I vote for the person I believe most closely reflects what I believe. But must we wring our hands, as we America goes to hell in a hand-basket? People will go to hell, no matter how low or hight taxes are, no matter how good or bad the economy is, apart from the grace of God through Jesus Christ. God reigns supreme even in the darkest times. What if you don't have enough money to meet your current financial obligations? Will your wring your hands and despair? Or will you trust in God's provision as you labor hard, working to provide for those you love? Perhaps someone you love is rejecting you, rejecting God's Word. Will you trust that God is able to do far beyond what you can ask or think, even when that's hard to believe? Will you rest in God's control and be part of what He is doing in the world?

God's care for His people

God cares for His people, no matter how dark the hour. A sinking axe head? God is there to care and provide. No oil for cooking? God is there to care. He cares about the most ordinary matters. What if it was the student's fault that he lost his axe head? Was he careless with the axe head, causing it to be lost? We, of course, don't really know. Perhaps your question isn't, “Does God care?” or, “Can God do anything about this?” But, “Since this is my fault, would God even want to help me out of this?” When we mess up, we may not feel that we should ask God for supernatural help. But this totally forgets grace. Grace isn't a reward for laziness. But it is God's gift to needy people. No matter how mundane our concern, God is actively involved in caring for us. During the most difficult times, God gives glimpses of His goodness, of His fatherly care for us. When life is the darkest, when sin is the strongest, the small lights shine the brightest. Let your light shine so that people may see your confidence in God and glorify your Father who is in heaven. God cares for all of His people, and He also cares for you personally.

Perhaps God put this passage here to demonstrate that He doesn't care only about nations and grand problems. God cares for individuals; God cares for details. This is an impossible situation that is focused on an individual, not a situation with national implications.



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